How the cab industry is changing?

In previous times, taxi riders would get hard times while traveling as all the companies were outdated and didn’t know how to serve the customers. The prime examples of this time would be rattletrap cabs and drivers who used to provide awful and terrible services to the people.

I had the chance to speak to a lawyer of Diamond & Diamond, a personal injury lawyer in Mississauga, to get her thoughts on Uber.

Neither had they known how to speak English nor did they drive in a sane state. They overly charged the clients and at the same time, they worked in an unhygienic environment! However, things in the cab industry have changed a lot. Today’s drivers and companies are more professional. So, let’s have a quick at how the cab industry is changing!

  • Utilization of latest technology: The entire cab industry is brimming with the use of latest technologies. The use of internet along with the extensive presence of Smartphone and GPS has made the work easy. People now can call a cab driver through the registered app of the company. Both the company and customers can track the progress of the journey by GPS facility. In short, everything has become digitalized.
  • The Introduction of online payment and booking: Nowadays, transactions in the cab industry are based on online payment gateway like – PayPal, Payoneer, etc. It is a unique system, but not a new one. The customers can easily pay whenever they wish to pay with a more secured system. Additionally, the customers can book or reserve the services of the companies in advance. This is possible because all most all the companies have websites by which anyone can call or book the services through a hotline number. Both of these new additions have changed the face of the cab industry.
  • Increased level of professional attitude: Today’s drivers are more professional and sincere than the previous times. They can talk multiple languages including English and they well-versed in the area or zone where they would be working. In every journey, they try to act in a professional way while at the same time; they bring a sense of discipline like – reaching the customers within the stated time frame.
  • Exceptional and cordial services from drivers: Due to the competitive nature of the cab industry, companies and drivers have adopted a customer-centric approach. Both of the drivers and companies try to behave in a positive manner and offer their services in a cordial manner. They are utilizing new and fresh types of services such as ‘the Meet and Greet service’ by which the driver will attend a new customer cordially.
  • Low-cost services: Again, since there is lots of cab companies operating within the industry, the price of their services are decreasing to keep hold of the customers. This is good news for the riders as they will be able to choose among a host of cab companies with a right offer. Thus, it will allow them travel in a cost-effective manner.

Finally, the cab industry has changed a lot and will continue to change in the coming days. With the addition of newest technologies and services will only add to the cause and significantly improve the landscape of the cab industry. So, it would be logical for the mass people to keep up-to-date with the change and as a result, it will boost the can industry immensely!

Five reasons: Why you should avoid taking Uber service?

Uber is one of the leading ride-sharing apps that has changed the entire landscape of the cab industry. It is a unique company with innovative ideas for transportation and it has contributed a lot to the industry. However, there are some negative things that you should consider before making your decision because when you use Uber and summon a driver, you are getting into some uncertainties. For instance – does the summoned driver possess a valid license? Or is he properly insured? There are also some striking issues that are associated with the company like – in the event of an accident, what will be the approach of the company? Will it take full responsibility or what are the precautions that the company has taken?

I had the chance to follow up with Jeremy Diamond, a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, to get his thoughts on Uber service.

Now, if you ask these questions to Uber, they will avoid you. It is normal for corporations because they care most about protecting their image. But, the riders have the right to know if they are protected or not! This is why Uber can be dangerous and people should avoid it because they simply don’t clear up the confusions. So, here are the five definitive reasons for which you will avoid taking the services from Uber.

  • Uber doesn’t adhere to regulations: Uber has revolutionized the cab industry and becomes immensely popular among the users for its low-price strategy. However, there seems to be a disruption of rules and regulations by them because they don’t provide enough safety to the riders. This is a very significant issue in a sense that all car service companies need to follow some rules and regulations to ensure that riders are being safely served. Most importantly, the drivers who are working need to be licensed and properly insured. But, Uber is totally avoiding this issue and therefore, you need to avoid them as well.
  • When things go wrong, Uber doesn’t take responsibility: Last year in San Francisco, a young girl was killed by a motorist while crossing the street with her mother. When the cops investigate about the criminal, they found out that he was working for Uber. In response to this, Uber released an official statement in which they claim the man was not working for them. Shortly, they release another statement where they admitted that he do use the Uber app, but didn’t do business for a long time. In other words, they claimed that he was between passengers. As a result, Uber was not responsible for the tragic incident. In short, since they are a technology company, they are not responsible for any violence, created by their drivers or passengers.
  • Uber doesn’t examine their drivers adequately: Despite having an extensive criminal record, a driver San Francisco passed the Uber’s “zero-tolerance” background check properly. Later that driver attacked a passenger physically and abused him verbally as well. In addition to this, a driver in Los Angeles bragged that she know the city full-well, but she could not take the passengers accurately to the destinations. As a result of this, it is clear that Uber doesn’t examine the credentials of its drivers properly.
  • Uber cab drivers are not saints: A driver in Los Angeles held a passenger’s phone for a $500 ransom (the passenger left her phone in the car). After that, Uber apologized and deactivated the driver’s account and told the passenger to wait patiently. Another driver sexually assaulted a woman passenger, which led the company to face legal actions. However, this time the companies acknowledged the alleged crimes and took responsibility of it.
  • Uber take surcharges against the negative responses: Everyone knows that Uber has been associated with some real-time crimes and accidents. Also, there is a voice of discontentment among the users as well. As a result, to avoid this negativity, the company is actively taking surcharges – Please note our new $1 “Safe Rides Fee.” Its right since their ride-sharing network called UberX pays this fee every single time they ride. Plus, they take this fee for covering the excessive costs. However, in reality, Uber doesn’t provide any safety to the passengers. In fact, they avoid responsibilities of accidents or crimes. For all these vague claims and shallow remarks, you should avoid taking the services of Uber.

As a result of these controversies, it will be beneficial to avoid taking the services from Uber because it will allow you to travel safely. What’s more, you will not endanger your life against the drivers of this company. So, travel safely and live happily!

Changes in SEO over the past couple of years

Today in this changing world, everything is changing and reforming in a very fast manner. The same goes for SEO or search engine optimization techniques. It has drastically attained a completely different outlook over these years and would carry on too. Even before some years back, in order to achieve the top ranking in search engines all you need was to invest huge bucks making a deal to run a spam check up. But this scene has changed drastically during all these years as SEO comes up with all the optimistic features providing users a positive experience.

Maintaining pace with time SEO has gained enormous popularity due to the effective outputs in real time. In before days, the ranking of a site completely depended on the quantity of the links the site has. It means, higher a number of links, higher would be the popularity of your page. Search engines started identifying the unwanted content including paid text options, directory options, and other reciprocal features. In this respect, SEO incorporates such features, which will first recognize them followed by taking necessary steps to deal with.

Currently, search engine optimization makes use of such content which is original, informative, useful and meaningful for users and which has its own references rather than the text, which is copied or rewritten from the sites, which are already higher in ranking. That means, more fresh and a unique content, the higher is your ranking.

In 2010, the launching of the caffeine indexing structure had provided the search engine optimization great powers in detecting the things it like and what it wants to ignore or mark for not liking it. Page rank algorithm brought another alteration in the SEO field even though it is no longer been used by its contributor.

The old strategy of link building has been replaced by earning links. People need to be able to earn like themselves. At one point, people with high-quality content would be able to earn the links that they wanted. But nowadays, in order to accomplish the same, they have to bring much more to the table. Adding links to a page is no longer a viable strategy.

Before, keywords were having great importance considering the point of view of SEO. But now, the article containing having huge amount of keywords is becoming an old practice. Now the content must make sense and the target should be of the audience rather than search engines.

From the above details, we now know that present situation demands the website created should have a very high quality, valuable and original content. It should be able to create the trust to convert visitors. The website should be very presentable and should be having all the information regarding the topic, the user is seeking for. The users today are very advanced and won’t stand with the substandard websites. So the SEO experts should be able to see the things from the perspective of their end users. It should be very important for them to see that how their users will react.

Car accident lawyers in Ottawa

In 1999, Howard Yegendorf & Associates was officially launched to serve the essential legal needs of struggling people and families. Their aim was to help these people to deal with the hazardous effects of being severely injured in car accidents. The founding member Howard Yegendorf is a pioneer in car accident cases. He has been working as a plaintiff lawyer in Ottawa for 20 years and thus, he has gained huge popularity for his exploits. When he initiated this firm, the first to join this firm was lawyer Najma Rashid who ultimately became a partner of the law firm in 2009.

Currently, this law firm is a renowned personal injury law firm in Ottawa. They boast world-class support staffs that are more than capable of handling the most complex personal injury cases including brain injuries, car accidents, wrongful death, etc. Not to mention that these people are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields. In addition to being highly knowledgeable, they will offer comprehensive legal services to all sorts of problems. What’s more, Howard Yegendorf & Associates will make sure that the victims can attain full compensation, which are entitled to them legally. The main focus of the firm is to represent the individuals who have endured disastrous injuries in motor vehicle accidents such as –

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Why Choose Howard Yegendorf & Associates?

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  • The firm will make strides in protecting the rights of the victims.


Who are the Lawyers of Howard Yegendorf & Associates?

Howard Yegendorf & Associates has main lawyers and they are –

  • Howard Yegendorf
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Now, the founder Howard Yegendorf is a certified specialist in Civil Litigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada. He has comprehensive knowledge and experience of dealing cases in the Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court, and the Ontario Court of Appeal for more than 30 years. In addition, partner Najma Rashid has worked for clients in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice as well as in the dispute resolution proceedings prior to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. She is an expert in dealing with disability and bad faith claims against insurance companies. Finally, the associate Victoria Boddy is renowned for working with clients in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Small Claims Court.

What are the services provided by Howard Yegendorf & Associates?

Howard Yegendorf & Associates has been providing diversified legal services in different practice areas –

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  3. Product liability: Usually, product liability indicates to the liability of any or all parties involving in the manufacture and supply process of a faulty product that caused damage. These parties involve –
  • Manufacturers
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  1. Slip and Fall accidents: The most common slip and fall accidents include the following –
  • A slippery surface like snow or ice
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  1. Long-term Disability Insurance: Howard Yegendorf & Associates assists the people in dealing with the following insurance claims –
  • If the claimant doesn’t meet the criteria for ‘totally disabled’
  • Any misinterpretation made on the insurance application
  • If the claimant is considered to be able to return to work
  • The disability is a pre-existing condition that was not disclosed
  1. Insurance Disputes: This law firm provides support to people who are subjected to the following wrongfully denied benefits from the policies applicable to the case –
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What others are saying about Howard Yegendorf & Associates?

Howard Yegendorf & Associates has received a lot of praises from the past and present clients. Among these praises, some of the best are given below –

  1. “Never having been through anything like this before, I was concerned about what was involved. I really found Howard Yegendorf & Associates went the extra mile and showed great compassion. They even met with me on a Saturday.” By – Lynn F


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Why Uber is superior to a cab

Uber has transformed the cab industry immensely and there are lots of reasons behind this quick-fire transformation. Nowadays, many people prefer Uber to traditional cabs for their suitability, feasibility, and promptness.  So, let’s have a quick look at why Uber is superior to a cab!

  • You don’t need to call a cab: I think it really is become obvious that nobody likes actually talking over the phone. Texting along with application usage is usually skyrocketing, and it has made calling an individual utterly bothersome. While you call any cab, what occurs? You’re welcomed by someone who talks like they’ve just been homeless had their vehicle reclaimed and for whatever reasons just hearing your name has stirred upped and anguish usually reserved simply for telemarketers. Why are you calling and what would you like? Uber doesn’t make us speak with people.


  • Uber can estimate the arrival time correctly: Once you finally do get your address information on the rep, they advise a new cab should be close to you shortly. The driver has your details and will contact you. Great, so an unusual cab driver has your cell phone information. That sounds like recommended. Except when they haven’t shown therefore you call back, you get to deal with more brashness and the compensations for your late ride. After that, your information is sent to a new driver, one who assures your car is on the way this time. Uber identifies appropriately when it’s going to be there.


  • Uber has a solution to the traditional card using problem: For some purpose, no matter what number of rides you take a cab, the card machine will not work. The software is broken, the program is down, or they merely flat out never want you using a card. It’s not suitable to have to hit the ATM every time you need to ride a couple of blocks. There are no assurances of any credit system in a cab service. Nevertheless, it is convenient for the company and drivers that in their busiest times, late nights and they don’t need pay transaction costs when transaction levels are their maximum. Uber only uses cards because the cash you include has probably been in some disgusting areas.


  • Uber protects you by examining the car before a ride: 9% of cabs which I have used have gotten a check motor light on. While I’m aware that a shiny check engine light doesn’t mean utter ruin for any vehicle, a pulsating light does, it still appears like the vehicles need to be better cared for. If it’s not the light, it’s the windows that do not work. Predict those routine inspections are putting cars on the highway that are just good enough and that’s all that stuff in terms of our protection. Uber do the same, so this is a draw.


  • Uber takes care of your bored time: There must be considered a special antenna of which cab drivers use as they are listening to stations that, normally, stereo listeners cannot locate. Just like when they turn the station to something they ponder you’ll choice, and you get a 15-minute entertain unless you like that kind of stuff. Uber has combined spottily with their service so you can listen to a reciprocally agreeable station at a decent volume level.


  • Uber drivers don’t take tips from the riders: You pay and possess to determine simply how much of a tip to produce the service that just made a person late and smelling re-fried beans. Being you’re not a bad guy you provide a few dollars, but a near death experience typically ends in a 50% lowering of tip around my book. Uber takes care of the tipping as well as payment automatically. You do not need worry about the tip terror.

Why technology could be the savior of failing cab industry?

All Over major U. S. cities — on the heart of Big Apple, to the Windy city and out west towards Golden Gate cities, ride-sharing apps including Uber and Lyft have spent much of 2015 driving the share of debate while using local taxicab market.

While lawmakers of New York City and San Francisco still trying to make a plan to legislate the sensitive subject, Chicago authorities already took the initial step at fourth May when it comes to a move that could even the ride-sharing market’s participating in the field. Mayor Rahm Emanuel — who was recently re-elected to his second term — is a staunch supporter associated with regulating ride-sharing services.

Based on a statement from Emanuel’s office, even though regulation hasn’t been an easy task to pass as the mayor could have hoped, he’s taken an alternative approach to help Chicago’s taxicabs keep on being competitive against Uber and also Lyft. The plans include operating with the Illinois Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) to introduce an international Smartphone application that works with every single registered taxicab within Chicago. The taxi app is just not only enable the drivers to interact with riders, they would actually be asked to use the app while on duty.

He believes this technology will assist bring an additional option to its taxi-hailing inhabitants. “Technology knows no boundaries and with the universal taxi app Chicago residents stand to benefit,” Emanuel said in a statement. “Residents from all across Chicago will be able to request a ride and be connected to a nearby taxi with the click of a button.”

Just like using Uber and Lyft, a passenger is able to call a taxi via phone, making the payment procedure very easy. Maria Guerra Lapacek, the commissioner of the BACP, stated, the addition of this application a “win” for taxi firms in Chicago, saying it brings customers a far more convenient way in order to hail a cab — while still keeping this industry competitive.

But the Cab Drivers United organization in Chicago does not welcome this decision, they fear that this could be an alternative way to tax the drivers. They said that if the plan does not execute properly attempting to level the playing field could even more hurt the taxi industry.  While still there’s no announcement yet from Chicago administrators if the town will charge for the app.

“It’s just not fair. To become a taxi driver, you have to go through all this pain. You have to pay some money to get a chauffeur’s license and you have to renew it. It takes a lot of energy to get done with it. But to become a Uber X driver, you get a car, you get an app and you’re on the way,” TK Iusupov, a Chicago cab driver told ABC 7. However, it isn’t costless to become listed on the ranks of Uber as the driver requires a car of the certain caliber to become listed on.



Much like measures that the town council in New York City and Boston is trying to address, in order to simplify the regulatory structure with the services of Uber along with Lyft, Chicago passed a new Transportation Network Provider Ordinance that has started in September 2014. Since then, however, the tensions have continued to rise between cabbies and also the ride-sharing firms. A short while ago, ride-sharing rules and regulations have been progressing — passing in some instances — all over the U.S. at a much faster pace than previously. As Uber and Lyft add more metropolitan areas, many places are feeling stresses regulate the business.

Some cities are even still looking to address the problem with a universal statewide regulation. Maryland, Arizona, Wisconsin and Massachusetts legislators all looked to authorize stricter laws on the industry. The main focus cited in each of the cases are the protection of the consumers, with legislators pushing that ride-sharing services must be treated the same as conventional, cab corporations.

It is obvious, there’s huge cash to be made in the ride-sharing bazaar — whether it’s on the private region side of politics or the private business side.

Why cabs are a great option for people

Getting derived from one location to another within the GTA can be problematic unless you own an automobile, or if you are visiting on the organization. Nevertheless, there is usually a practical way out to provide a wealth of profits. When you ultimately choose a cab service for the traveling needs, you are getting much more than a basic ride to anywhere it is you’ll want to go. There are plenty of benefits that you can obtain from hiring any taxi service on a trip. Unfortunately, many people are still unacquainted with these advantages, which is the reason they often finish up traveling on their own.

Here are the benefits that you can get from employing a taxi service:

  1. It saves time: If you are likely to hire a reliable cab company, it is possible to save time and effort since you need not required looking for transport services each time. All you need to do is call the company and they’re going to be sending a cab your way. This will reduce lots of time since you aren’t required to look for a car that can transport you to your desired location.


  1. It is budget friendly: There is a common belief that hiring any cab company can cost you additional money, rather than hiring a taxi service. The obvious purpose behind this is because you won’t have to spend the extra cash than what the cab company will be going to charge you. Besides, you don’t need to pay different service cost in order to reach your destination, in addition to the driver will not charging you with extra payments.


  1. It can reduce anxiety: As the taxi service that you are likely to hire will pick you up when you need it, you won’t have to worry about anything as a way to reach your location. All you need to do is letting the driver know the place you want to visit, and you will be taken there right away. You don’t need to waste your time and energy to learn the path that you should take, and you won’t have to ask different people in order to reach your desired destination.


  1. It offers quick pick-up service: Besides, picking you up 24/7, a reliable taxi service may also pick you up swiftly. When you make a call they are sending a cab immediately, and you aren’t required to wait for long periods just to start off your travel. It is often said that an established taxi service may reach your location within 10 minutes after making your call.


  1. It is always available: Whether you are going to attend a business meeting, simply got off a plane, or you need to visit a doctor, the service is just a mobile phone call away. You may also dispose for pickup online too, ensuring that there exists a process that best meets your requirements. You may arrange for pickup online too, ensuring that there exists a method that best meets your requirements. If you are left standing around the curb by friends or family members who forgot they promised to take you up, or you’ve already been late to important meetings for some reasons, you can make sure those carriage mishaps never happen again.


  1. It provides clean, comfortable Options: In case you are in the GTA for business, or you have to pick up essential clients, a taxi service can supply you with a luxury sedan or limousine to guarantee the greatest comfort. Besides, if you are traveling with friends, minivans as well as multi-passenger automobiles, are also available, letting you confirm that everyone arrives at the selected destination as well.


  1. It enhances productivity: If you select a cab service, especially the one that offers Wi-Fi, you can enhance your productivity on the trip. You can receive and respond to emails, write a memo or proofread documents while you are traveling to your destination.

The Uber in Toronto: Why it is terrible?

In recent times, Toronto followed U.S., European, and Canadian towns by taking the lawsuit against taxi service provider company Uber. Opinion writers along with editorialize state that this kind of crashes is between a shiny new application technology and business design. They’ve missed the actual point. Uber is in fact in trouble with regard to old and ugly business practices. It is been valued by $17-billion, but won’t pay out the $300. Instead of doing the efforts, it cuts edges and does not care about the legal issues.

However, many Toronto taxi companies already take app bookings. Many commentators want additional: app-only companies will be able to compete in the market. Fair enough, and also fully legal. They’ve missed the point. Uber is in fact in trouble with regard to old fashioned and poor business practices. Here are why Uber in Toronto is bad –

  • Lack of insurance policy: A family lives in San Francisco sue Uber after a driver hit and killed their kid. Uber says certainly not its problem; the driver wasn’t with its clock. The family alleges the driver was searching Uber app to get a customer. Toronto’s certified drivers carry professional insurance so they’re covered when cruising.


  • Avoid driver screening out: It’s claimed the San Francisco area driver had prior convictions. Toronto screens criminal and operating records before giving taxi licenses.


  • Overcharged services: Uber at times uses “surge pricing” with holidays or in the bad weather. This can be a no-no. Most areas (including Toronto) have fixed taxi rates. Authorities make a deal with taxi companies, if most of us let those charges for rides with public roads, they can’t hold one to ransom at 3 am on a new lonely street with winter. Transportation systems aren’t something you comparison-cost on the mall.


  • Customer security: Because Toronto permits and can cancel licenses, we can keep bad drivers off the streets. Uber takes away that public safety as well as power simply by employing by those unlicensed drivers.


  • Evading the denial of service rules: There are good reasons for denying support – violent actions, and bad ones – you could have parcels, or any disability, or noisy kids, or the particular driver doesn’t similar to your kind. When the City asks, licensed cab companies need to explain denials. Unlicensed Uber evades that rules and regulations.


  • Unethical employment practices: Canadian provinces (excluding B.C.) don’t increase employment standards in order to cabbies – not any sick days, simply not any limits on working hours, no advantages, no minimum salary, no job security. Toronto and other cities make use of the licensing system to put some restrictions – similar to shift lengths – in brokers’ treatment associated with drivers. Uber drivers aren’t protected. As soon as Toronto recently assessed its taxi regulations, the city council questioned the province to take into consideration extending employment safety to cabbies. We have been still waiting in Premier Kathleen Wynne.


  • Breach of privacy: Cab service provider have your credit card, cell number even know where you live and where you will travel. In recent past, U.S. Senator Al Franken wrote Uber questioning about their privacy protections. Uber hasn’t yet answered.


  • Extreme competition: CNN has noted that Uber-affiliates have placed many fake orders by a rival taxi company. Far from improving competition this plan aims to break competitors and regulators alike.

Bottom Line

Let’s look ahead. Toronto app firm Gata Labs offers broken into several Ontario markets, and, therefore, are reportedly eying Toronto. Their site proudly proclaims that they work only along with licensed taxis simply because it’s safer with regard to customers. Soon, an organization like this is going to take off in Toronto devoid of putting consumers and workers in danger.

Uber in San Francisco: why it is bad?

We have all assumed that Uber might wreck the traditional taxi market. Now, no less than in San Francisco, there’s some evidence. The annoyed cab drivers and techno- optimist disrupters have always suspected that Uber would eventually set hackneyed yellow cabs out of the industry. Now in the San Francisco some new reports have revealed that Uber is really hammering the metered cabs very hard.

Kate Toran, director of taxis for San Francisco’s transportation authority, has recently reports on a testimony by The San Francisco Judge. He said that by permitting Uber for its taxi service in October of 2012, the monthly average trips for each city cab has dropped from 1,424 in 2012 to 504 in July 2015 which is nearly 65%. Her report also suggested that wheelchair pickups have fallen from 1,378 each month in March of 2013 to 768 in July, the decreasing rate is over 50%. Besides, she also said, “The ramp taxi program is just a vulnerable program in the taxi program overall because it costs more to operate, maintain and it costs more in gas for the drivers”. “It takes more time to do wheelchair securement, so it’s kind of the first to go.” Based the Examiner, transportation multilevel companies, unlike city cabs, are not necessary to be wheelchair available.

San Francisco isn’t the single city where Uber is acquiring the taxi business. In many cities like; Chicago to Berlin the drivers have gone for strike, protested in opposition to Uber’s entrance, claiming that ride-sharing firms are not competing fairly as they are not subject to same rules and regulations while official taxis are. In August, Pat Quinn the governor of Illinois vetoed a bill that will require firms such as Uber to submit their drivers background record checks, comply with new insurance necessities, along with limit “surge-pricing” whereby fares are dynamically raised up during high-demand hours.

In a recent article published by Harvard Business Review, blamed the excessive laws and regulations of city cabs to be a prime reason, why yellow cabs are not able to compete with the new transportation system. For example, metered taxis can’t dynamically change the fares with the changes of demand whereas Uber can. Uber often dropped its own fares under those of city cabs realizing its regulated competition will be a struggle to respond. In addition to that, they have also taken benefit of special rush hour rating.

One of their most exciting features is courier or instant delivery. Imagine going online and getting your favourite nail art or jewelry delivered straight to your door before the party starts at night.

The regulators of the San Francisco have responded to competition from Uber-like companies by reducing some standards so as to keep yellow taxi drivers from jumping ship. The application fees of drivers are relinquished for the year, and other fees are also lessened. Besides that they are also disregarding a $500 charge for just a wheelchair-friendly cab licenses. While Uber’s entrance to the taxi industry has been bad for taxi service providers, it may possess improved their services. A recent report said 80% of the city’s cab passengers are now using the FlyWheel hailing app, which lets them summon and pay taxis bill by using their phones.

In a self-produced documentary, a San Francisco taxi driver discusses about how the predatory charging and unregulated services of firms like Lyft, Uber have changed the taxi market for both drivers as well as passengers. John Han, an interviewer of drivers from San Francisco cab companies as well as transportation network companies (TNCs) s showed the local history of taxis as they went from benefited workers to independent contractors with no welfares. He also concedes that the cab industry suffers from failing to acclimate to the service necessities of the communal also for employing a mix of “bad apples” mixed in with fleets of “amazing drivers.” In addition to that, he also raises questions about the unregulated service of TNCs, their comparative inability to accommodate sick passengers, plus their impact on the environment.

The latest legal consequences that Uber will face

In recent past, there has been an article published in Los Angeles Times that states Uber could possibly be penalized $7. 3m and banned from operating its business in California because of its failure to give the regulators sufficient information about its service along with operations. Karen V Clopton, a judge at the California Public Utilities Commission – the regulator who permits Uber to operate their business in the state – recommended the punishment, arguing that this gradually beleaguered firm hadn’t filed all the reports obligatory by state laws. The judge administrated that Uber’s months-long refusal to give important data was in violation of the particular 2013 legislation that authorized ride-hailing companies to operate in the State. The requested data comprises details number of the requests for trips from publics with wheelchairs in addition to how many such rides were done.

We went to seek out a Hamilton Disability Lawyer to get more information on this injunction.

In response to that, the worldwide taxi-hailing giant Uber stated it would appeal against the penalty. A spokeswoman said the decision is “deeply disappointing”. The appeals procedure will take several months to decide whether the charge as well as the suspension, will be enforced or not. Besides, Marilyn Golden, senior policy analyst at the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund in Berkeley was also applauded by the judge’s decision. “This industry has done everything it can to avoid, dismiss and coerce themselves out of regulation, and this decision is welcome from that standpoint,” she said. “They’ve been scofflaws. They take every advantage and avoid every requirement.”

All over the world this taxi-sharing, drivers, and taxi unions are recently plagued by a number of threats from regulators. If the organization is ceased in its own terrace, it will be a symbolical and discouraging blow because it goes to handle with push back from taxi operators in lots of the 300+ cities as well as around six continents in which it operates.

At the same time, a legal bid to force Uber to deal with the drivers as employees instead of freelancers could greatly inflate the firm’s charges. If the drivers have been treated as employees, the corporation could be enforced to provide verities of incentives containing health insurance and repayments for fuel and other costs.

The Long and legal resistance again Uber

  • Germany: Administrators just slapped a countrywide ban on Uber because the drivers don’t have a particular license as well as they will be fined up to $323,700 per trip if Uber disrupts this momentary injunction.
  • Spain: In June thousands of taxi drivers went for a strike, because of the unregulated cab service that was taking their industry.
  • India: “According to the Economic Times, three Uber competitors — Meru Cabs, Easy Cab, and Mega Cab — have written to the Reserve Bank of India, complaining that Uber is violating foreign-exchange laws.”
  • Brazil: If the government of Sao Paulo pushes for the suspension of the Uber’s service they could possibly face huge legal difficulties. For illustration, a few weeks ago “three cars were found providing services through Uber in Sao Paulo and the drivers had to pay fines of $900 on average.”
  • Vancouver: The city attorney claims that the service is illegal: “Though the meter UberX uses does not look like a traditional taxi meter that measures time and distance as the ride progresses, it still fits within the definition of (a) taxi meter [under city code].”
  • United States: The cab unions are putting massive pressure on local governments to ban Uber in their cities. In Milwaukee, five taxi groups are “suing the city of Milwaukee, hoping to block an ordinance that provides a path to legalization for mobile ride-booking apps.” In California, New York, and DC, Uber has confronted several cease-and-desist guidelines.

Bottom Line

Uber had tried for getting approval some sort of service that uses GPS and mobile phone technology to offer low-end luxury vehicle transportation, something that no one is providing. But, unfortunately, the license for such kind of service doesn’t exist yet because the commission simply offers ones for taxis along with limos. So the authority will have to make a new license if they want to give it Uber. But currently, the person who is in control of stuff like licenses is assuring to penalize Uber simply because it does not own it.

Why the world is against Uber?

We all know that uber has revolutionized the cab industry, but do we know what actually Uber is? Is it a marketplace for transportation services or it is a high-tech taxi dispatcher? Both of these questions are high on the lips of mass people since the company is worth $40 billion. To add to these facts, all these controversies have led the world’s leading nation to take legal actions against Uber. Recently, the California Labor Commission has provided a ruling against Uber, which states that those who work and drive for Uber would be considered as employees, not independent contractors.

This ruling is completely opposite to the business model of Uber as the drivers of this company are recognized as independent contractors. However, Uber has filed an appeal against this decision and this is actually not a disastrous outcome for them. They are well-prepared to face any kind of adversity as they have raised more than $4 billion in venture capital and debt financing. But the fact of the matter is it is an initiative that calls into question of the integrity of the company and the $50 billion valuation that will be established in the forthcoming funding round.

Typically, Uber has amassed a workforce of over 160,000 drivers. They are carefully avoiding the best practices of cab industry which states that the company and the drivers must have an employer-employee relationship like – a fixed working hour and a complete job responsibility. In contrast to Uber, some companies such as Instacart and Homejoy have provided T-shirts to their contractors to wear on the job. That is why almost all the leading nations along with the cab industry are up against the Uber as it has no set working frame. To put it simply, they are following the business model of outsourcing companies, which is completely opposite to the rules and regulations of the cab industry.

Extending the issue, Uber’s wages has overlapped the PR campaigns for winning the drivers, customers, and regulators. Consequently, Uber’s own promotions have damaged its significant claim of being a neutral platform where third parties can transact smoothly. Additionally, when the protestors look into the touring data of Uber drivers, it showed that drivers are working more than 40-hour per week. This fact is quite similar to standard working capacity of the cab industry. Therefore, claiming the Uber drivers as out-and-out independent contractors would be a disguise and the straddle regulators have found it quite unconvincing.

So, the ruling of the California Labor Commission is a strong point of reference for other leading nations and states where Uber is operating. It will also affect the other on-demand companies, especially those who are conducting business at a loss to win over the competition. For example – companies such as Lyft, TaskRabbit, and Postmates will have to pay Social Security and unemployment taxes on wages. It will shrink their capacity to compete within a competitive market.

Finally, all the above facts proved that there is significant conflict within the operations and claims of Uber. Also, the protest and the ruling of different countries alongside the states are legitimate against Uber. All in all, Uber needs to prove its authenticity as a pioneer cab service company and thus, it must provide justifiable information to shun the advancing restriction from the world!

The history of Cabs

A history of taxis is something you might not think about as you’re looking to hail someone on a hectic workday. Nevertheless, this process of transportation system actually comes with a fascinating background that stretches back as much as the late 19th century. The wonderful London city is the first to host licensed a taxicab from one hundred and fifty years back today.

What did people use for transportation before using cabs?

Before the car was invented, the application of vehicles for communal rent was in place. In the year of 1640, in Paris, Nicolas Sauvage made available horse-drawn carriages and also drivers for employ. The Hackney Carriage Act, in 1635, was the first legislation approved which controlled horse-drawn carriages intended for hire in the UK.

How and when the use of cab was initiated?

It is the word taximeter from which the name taxicab was obtained. The taximeter is the device which gauge the range or time span a vehicle travels and enables a precise charge to be determined. In 1891, it was developed by the German designer, Wilhelm Bruhn.

Gottlieb Daimler was the person who built the world’s first dedicated taxi in 1897 known as the Daimler Victoria. It was equipped with the newly designed taxi meter. On 16 June 1897 the Daimler Victoria cab was sent to Friedrich Greiner, a Stuttgart businessperson who launched the world’s first motorized Taxi Corporation.

A brief history the three most favored cabs

  • Yellow Cabs – The yellow taxi cab firm was founded by John Hertz and Walden W Shaw in 1905. It is one of the ancient running taxi companies in the US as it has more than over 50 years of community service and it becomes a globally recognized symbol of its country. In the past years when the firm was attempting to publicize itself, they conducted a survey that indicated most people associated the yellow color with a taxi, this subsequent in the distinctive color. Therefore, in the advertising movement they had to eradicate the stigma from riding inside a cab as individuals had seen riding inside a taxi as a disgraceful thing, they spun it around saying people riding in cabs might afford the carefree trip to where they desired to go.
  • Black cabs – The primary official black taxi cab of London came around the 17th century once they used horses along with the service group was often known as Hackney Carriage. History says as being a black cab driver in London indicates you need to pass the most challenging taxi driving test on the planet. It’s a test often known as the knowledge and can take some people around four years to learn completely. But not only after the test is passed, there are also particular requirements as well as strange necessities, conditions of fitness, which the taxis have to satisfy before being placed to service for the public. For example, the cab will need to have enough height in the back of the automobile for the traveler to sit with a bowler hat on securely.
  • Hackney carriage It was one of the first taxi companies in the planet and started in the 17th century through horse-drawn carriages. During the entire 20th century cars tended to swap the horse cabs, even though there was still a specific horse service available that was drawn by two horses, had four wheels and may even fit up to six travelers in it. Unlike many taxi companies which are private hire and you can only journey by the vehicle if you have already booked for one to pick you up, the hackney carriage taxis drive around the streets looking for passengers to grab.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, the cab industry is really as robust as it’s ever been. You will find about 40, 000 drivers in New York City alone, and countless others throughout the U. S. as well as the rest of the world. They’ve changed in features; while there continue to be many sedans operating, they also are available in SUVs and even mini-vans. Nearly 200 million travelers travel about 800 million miles per year and pay fares totaling about $1 billion per year in New York alone. While almost everything else in this particular world changes, hailing a taxi remains as popular today mainly because it was more than a century ago.