Impact Of The Smartphone On Ecommerce

Ever since its advent, Smartphone shopping has totally changed the outlook of the ecommerce world. In the US, its contribution to the retail ecommerce sales has increased substantially, and it is now set to dominate the overall retail sales according to new estimates from eMarketer.

In 2013, 15% of online retail sales took place via mobile devices, according to eMarketer, up from 11% in 2012. By 2017, the percentage will rise to 25%.

Smartphone shopping has released online shoppers from their desktop PCs and laptops. Convenience is the key, waiting in a line, sitting in the waiting room of an airport or train station, or even lying on a beach are the new storefronts, as purchases can be made anywhere with cell phone reception or Wi-Fi.Many online shoppers agree that the smartphones have increased their on the spot purchases, because the process is so simple and the technology is user friendly. Some of the shoppers found the experience of mobile shopping much better than shopping in a store.

Impulse Shopping has become the very epitome of mobile shopping. The ease of ordering through a smartphone has led to a considerable increase in impulse buying. Members of the more decisive and tech savvy younger generation are the most avid mobile shoppers. Brands, too offer specific discounts to app users, to fan the flames of this new style of shopping. Some brands even allow the customer to save their payment information on the app thus enabling check-out convenience. realme

Many online shoppers user their smartphone to access social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks. A lot of information passes through this channel, particularly related to shopping. The online shopper also uses their smartphones to look up online reviews, compare prices, and find coupons. Many brands offer coupons and deals on apps or through emails that must be shown at the time of purchase and are often scanned, replacing mailer coupons.

The online shoppers have displayed their enthusiasm for using new gadgets by the increased use of smartphones, however, it has also become important that etailers react by bringing in the technology to enhance the shopping experience. For retailers to retain customers on their M-commerce site, they need to invest in performance, in order to build an exceptional mobile experience.Any IT issues need to be addressed immediately, so as to avoid shoppers leaving their cart midway.

As online shopping on smartphones becomes a day to day habit for the online shopper, the importance of the desktop computers fades. Retailers will need to pay more attention more on the consumer’s location and context, than on the type of device they are using. Mobility both inside and outside the home premises will be the key. Even though the smartphone and ecommerce are a match made in heaven, it still has a long way to go in assuring the users of its viability and its security especially among the older-aged shoppers.

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