Senators Propose New Plan For Immigration Reform!

The recent proposal to amend the current immigration system has been set forth by two senators – Charles E. Schumer, a Democrat from New York and Lindsey Graham who is a Republican from South Carolina. As per the new system, all the undocumented immigrants would have to admit to not abiding by the law. Only then, they would be permitted a legal status. With this, they would have to pay fines, back taxes as well as be a part of community service.

A biometric ID card has to be carried by all those working in the United States. This card is evidence of being eligible to work in the United States. These changes were published in an editorial on the mid afternoon post of the Washington Post website.

In response to the post, President Obama said that this should be implemented with a focus on moving forward and he pledged to do everything that he could do under his power. Although, the White House is finding it extremely difficult to keep up with the pace regarding immigration reform. This has led to a push from protesters coaxing the President to fulfill the promises he made. This included permitting a legal status to around eleven million undocumented immigrants who are currently residing in the United States. ifb senator wss 8 kg

One of the Republican lawmakers, Mr. Graham has claimed not to support key issues like immigration if the Democrats use a parliamentary maneuver to pass the health care legislation which would bypass the voters.

The published proposal also includes stricter checks at the border as well as in organizations and work places. This amend clearly reduces the entry for blue collar immigrant workers from now on. However, it would promote highly qualified foreign nationals.

Additionally, this means that there would be a rise in the number of immigration agents who are patrolling the various work places. It would also mean that all the immigrants who are legally residing in the United States as well the local citizens must have Social Security card which is tamper proof. This is especially when they are applying for jobs. The information regarding biometric identity would be stored in the card instead of a governmental database.

The proposal also ensures to make it easier for those who are academically qualified to come and work in the United States. This also includes granting green cards to those who have pursued their education from American universities. With this, it also plans a program that is restricted to guest workers who have lower skills comparatively. However, this is attached to the changes in the local need for labor.



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