What Can We Expect From the Vivo Y33s?


The Vivo watches are some of the hottest handsets in the market these days. It offers top it performance and has great looks too. This handset is all set to take mobile marketing by storm. With such a unique combination, it will surely be a success. vivo y33s

The Vivo YEAH Archosophonic has the same high quality camera as its predecessors but this time it comes with an innovative digital camera. It offers two cameras in one handset and this will definitely be a wow factor. The main reason why people prefer these phones is because they offer the facility of making calls from any compatible phone number. The facility of making calls through compatible phones is now available with the Vivo YEAH Archosophonic. Buy vivo Y33s review will help you in understanding all the facilities that it provides.

The Vivo YEAH Archosophonic comes with a very nice camera that has been equipped with most of the standard features. It comes with a primary and rear camera setup. The primary camera is generally a good one that can perform well. There are a few instances where it lags behind other phones though. The resolution of the primary camera is generally good enough and hence the picture quality is not unduly affected. When it comes to the rear camera, there are a couple of instances where it doesn’t capture anything but just freeze up.

The screen size of the Vivo YEAH Archosophonic is not that big, which is suitable for those who need a larger display. However, it is not as big as the iPhone which might be a limitation for some buyers. Despite that, it still has a decent sized screen. The screen size however does not impact the battery life of the phone. In fact, it can last for long hours without a single dead battery even under heavy use.

One of the biggest selling points of the Vivo YEAH Archosophonic is the speed of the smartphone. It comes with a quad core processor, which enables it to perform the tasks faster. Apart from that, it also comes with a large amount of memory, which further increases the speed of the smartphone. The speed of the phone is also appreciable, especially when it comes to multitasking. In fact, it can perform two tasks at once, which is a great feature when it comes to taking pictures and video.

The connectivity of the vivo y 33s is very good. It comes with GSM and CDMA options which further enhance connectivity. The connectivity is not very good in some parts of the world but it is usually very reliable in other parts of the world. In addition to that, the screen size does not affect the connectivity of the handset, which means that people living in very remote areas can easily take advantage of this smartphone.

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